Q:I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still use Torcche?

A:Yes. Torcche allows you to create a new user account that only requires basic information and you’ll be able to join our global community within seconds.

Q:Can everyone on Torcche see where I am?

A:Only if you choose the “Public” setting option. With Torcche you can choose to allow only your “Friends” to see you on our GPS-based map or choose the “Invisible” option where your location is completely private. Privacy is of the utmost importance for us at Torcche and that’s why we prominently display the control settings features to allow you to easily adjust how you want to share your information or location.

Q:When I choose to “Friend” someone, will he/she know about it?

A:Yes. Adding someone as a “Friend” requires sending out a “Friend Request” to that person and will require him/her to accept before being added to your “Friend” list. This was designed as an extra security measure since you will be sharing location data and your security is very important to us at Torcche.

Q:My friends want to meet up with me, but they don’t have Torcche. What should I do?

A:There are several options to install Torcche. We are available for direct download through the Apple App Store or at our website at www.torcche.com
Additionally, you have the option of inviting your friends within our Torcche app through Facebook and by free SMS text from your phone’s address book.

Q:If I don’t have any other friends on Torcche yet, is it still useful?

A:Yes. You can still see other active Torcche users around the world that have chosen the “Public” option. We at Torcche encourage all our friends around the world to join our active community. However you will find our platform more interactive and helpful as more of your friends join over time.

Q: When I login using my Facebook account, what kind of information is taken?

A: Torcche only extracts basic information from your public profile (full name, profile picture, email, friends list) to facilitate the account creation and invitation process within Torcche. We will never post on your behalf without your permission nor ever contact any of your Facebook friends.

Q:What social networks does Torcche integrate with?

A:Currently Torcche is integrated with Facebook upon setup. Torcche also allows you the option to conveniently upload your posts directly to your Facebook or Twitter account if you choose for easier sharing across social platforms.

Q:How do I contact you if I have an issue or suggestion?

A:We at Torcche are always available to help with any technical issues you may be facing and would love to hear your suggestions/feedback. Please feel free to drop us an email at: support@torcche.com